Infant and Child

Infant - ages 0 - 4 years

Child - 4 - 12 years

Developmentally relevant content

Music Therapy is effective in early intervention for infants in many ways: 

  • Increases mother/father-baby bonding

  • Proven to increase.. in children with autism spectrum disorder.. leading to..

  • Music acts as communication and self expression

  • Relaxation and mindful techniques through singing and song can help calm and help with sensory and emotional regulation 

Amped is currently offering one to one online music for infants and their families via the Zoom platform. These sessions will be available face-to-face once all coronavirus lockdown restrictions have lifted. Amped will be setting up in several areas within North Cornwall and Plymouth during the remainder of 2020 (more information to follow).

If you are interested in music therapy for your child, you can book here, or get in contact via the contact page here