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Amped Music Therapy's Autumnal Update

Thank you summer. You were fruitful, as always. Like every year, October rolls around and it's time for a moment of reflection.

Amped music therapy has been busy over the summer, individual sessions have continued either online, or in local family hubs all around North, Mid and East Cornwall and Plymouth. There has been added stress and worry this year because no one really knows what normal is any more and this affects us all; individuals, families, organisations, everything! So this summer has been extra interesting, trying to navigate the day to day, and work out the best way of 'survival' for not only the individual - but for the whole system around them. This is a good lesson, because who are we without our systems? Learning to embrace the system around any individual is the way to insite real positive change, but actually, some times it's the system that needs support to really reach its individuals, especially in changing times like these.

Aside from working systemically, Amped has also been developing its creative arts practice by consulting with play, drama, art and movement therapists in Cornwall so that every child and young person can be reached when music may not be the best or only method. Amped believes that all creative arts have their place in the therapy room - through creative play the child is able to explore trauma processing and emotional expression. It is a safe place for them to develop positive relationships, trust, learn about themselves and increase self-confidence. This week's favourite activities included gymnastic inspired yoga moves in flow, improvised lyrics over ukulele, drawing 'feelometers', and a quick game of Dobble!

Elise from Amped has been working with DBS-I on a project at Sowenna, Cornwall. The aim for this project is to create an album using digital and non-digital music. This is a really exciting opportunity for the residents to collaborate ideas and design sound around their experiences of being at Sowenna. The nature of running a project at Sowenna is that it can change from hour to hour, there are so many variables at play. Reflecting from this week's session, the music and sounds we captured and created really represent that transient and changeable nature of the 'Sowenna experience'. Watch this space for more information about this wonderful project.

This autumn, Amped will be working hard on a Youth Music funding bid to hopefully secure funding for sessions to support children and young people who are facing barriers to accessing music therapy. This is such an important necessity to this work and without funding, heartbreakingly, many people are unable to access creative support like this. Please wish Amped luck in it's quest for funding!

Autumn always offers a moment of calm, after the busy summer with those long alluring nights and warm sunsets, bright early morning and warm seas. All of a sudden, in comes the autumnal storms and more time to reflect. Expect more updates from Amped as this year pushes forwards and those months dive into double digits.


Get in contact if you or someone you know might be interested in music therapy or if you want to find out more information about what Amped can offer you or your organisation.


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