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Ode to Motivation (in the gym)

Updated: May 24, 2019

Music the great motivator 

You’re gorgeous and you’re clever

You get me up out of my seat

To shake my tail feathers

You help me get covered in sweat

Dripping from my nose

I give it everything I’ve got

Heart beating to my toes

You’re good for me in every way

So here I’ll serenade

Your ears, that’s if you have any

You magical charade 

Underground to popular

You wow with every style

From Plymouth to Cronulla

For you, I’d run the extra mile

As long as you are here with me

Inspiring my every move

Then I will keep adorning 

Every scintillating groove 

For without you, my dearest vibe

The aching of my limb

There’s not a way in fiery hell

I’d ever go to the gym!



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