Musical expression and engagement for personal growth
and community connection


'A firm adherance to a code of especially moral or artistic values'

AMPED follows the humanistic view that we are all individual, equal and have strengths which are the root of what makes our personalities so unique. By creating musical interactions, integrity lays in both artistic and professional capacities.


'A place where two or more things are united'

Connection comes in many forms, from the connection between your brain and your arm, the connection between yourself and playing a musical instrument and connection to others. AMPED believes that connection is the key to trust and communication, forming foundations for development. 


'Forward movement in time or place'

AMPED believes in progression and not perfection. Progression is achievable and takes as long as it takes, everyone's time line is different depending on the goal they want to achieve. Music therapy is an evidenced based profession and uses research and an eclectic approach to support growth.  


'Insighting amusement or enjoyment'

What is the world without fun?

Fun and play are important parts of growing up and then growing up even more - into adulthood and beyond! AMPED prides itself on taking out the serious and adding in a big portion of fun.