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2022: More Connection - Less Isolation

New year, same you - because you are already enough. This is a lovely phrase because 'new you' makes you feel as though you are not enough AND YOU ARE!

And here at Amped - its's a new year and we're STILL AMPED! This year means progressing towards goals like..

🎵 Making music more accessible for all.

🎧 Investing in digital technology to plug in to the newest sound and production.

🎤 Amplifying voices from homes, schools and organisations so every story is heard.

🎼 Connecting with local communities and reaching out to those who need it most.

Most importantly..

More connection, less isolation

Because we have had enough of locking ourselves away.


Now the world is opening up, it is a time for new beginnings. Time to breathe deeply into anxieties and accept that change is upon us. Rather than cower at the weight of the world's problems, step up to make change and help our communities to be more supportive, kind and sustainable. We can do this together and the only way is through connection - with friends and family, with our teachers and care givers, with our neighbours and co-workers, with our animals and plants that live around us.

This year, Amped aims to connect with individuals in the community, with schools and community groups, with larger organisations (who scare me), with organisations (who demonstrate real love and care) and with anyone who needs some support in achieving their dreams - we cannot do this on our own!

Amped is making musical waves in the South West and strives to be one of the driving forces behind mental health and wellness in our communities.

If you want to join the revolution then get connected and send me a big hello...


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