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The importance of safety.

This week’s theme has been SAFETY. What does it mean to feel safe? Is there somewhere you go that makes you feel safe? What do you take into your safe space with you?

Feeling safe is important for everyone to be able to function. If we don’t feel safe, how can we process what is going on around us? If we don’t feel safe, we can experience anxiety and fear, which then triggers our fight/flight/flee responses as a way of protecting ourselves. Feeling safe is key to understanding ourselves and finding inside calm.

This photo was taken in my car, in torrential rain yesterday, in the early dark hours that are now upon us. As I sat there waiting for a break in the rain, I took a moment to appreciate the metal and glass box surrounding me, reminding me how safe I felt. My car has always offered me a safe space for freedom and reflection (usually with the heaters on full blast).

Let’s celebrate spaces of safety, and offering safety to others by being kind and understanding. A cuppa, hug or a few deep breaths in the car can really go a long way.


Over the half term, the Amped Music Therapy website will include an area for 'what happens if I'm not safe' under the header 'Help links' and a 'resources' page for all the wonderful resources and information out there which helps to inform and educate.

Get in contact if you or someone you know might be interested in music therapy, which includes a creative, expressive arts approach to trauma recovery and mental wellness.



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