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Technology support for all abilities

Are you a family, care home or organisation struggling with tech support for all of your online meetings?

Sometimes it just takes a few steps to work out why things may not be working. But even more important than that, we need to make sure the person using the technology is getting the best possible use out of the device so they can feel more connected to the person or people on the other end of the screen.

People with alternate abilities need a bit more support to use technologies to connect online, but with a bit of extra work we can get environments set up so the users can get the most out of meeting online AND feel connection through the screen. Having a place where users can safely navigate the online world and meet with their families, friends, teachers and therapists is of most importance right now.

We need to think about environmental factors, such as is the screen too far away to see? Is the sound not loud enough? Is the sound dipping in and out or not working at all? How long can I hold this for before my hand hurts? How can I chat to the person happily if all I can think about it how useless the whole process is?

It takes a bit of getting used to, but with some support, connection online is possible.

There has been so much focus on people just being able to 'do' all this tech stuff. What happens if you're feeling as though it's a mountain you're not willing to climb, with everything else going on, it might just be easier to hibernate.

Right now, in lockdown 3 and beyond, the most important thing is feeling socially connected to others. Loneliness is happening for so many people and on many different levels. We hope things will get better come spring, but one thing we know for certain.. online meetings are here to stay.

If you are having problems, reach out to others or get in contact via the contact link at the top of the page and we can discuss ways I can help you or your organisation make better use of technology in your home.

With a passion for interactive media and inclusive digital music making, we can beat loneliness through using technology, together.


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