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It's official, the next decade is here. Whatever the last year brought to the table, or the last 10 threw in your way, you're here and it's already a few days in. Well done! You made it.

Now let's talk future, just for a minute. AMPED has launched into the stratosphere and is sparkling like glitter in the light of the new year. The time has come to offer a service that I have prepared so passionately for the past 10 years. Slowly sewing seeds and cultivating my musical crops, planning and pruning, prepping and practicing. I can now confidently say that I can make a difference and am absolutely and 100% ready to meet you all and make some fabulous music.

AMPED is beyond just making music, if there can be such a thing. It is about engaging in different ways with the environment around you, expressing your innermost creativities and connecting with not only the outside, but the inside to make the biggest sustainable difference in your life.

I'm a believer in music, because it has the power to deeply reach those emotional places and make us feel at home. Music is emotion. It is the very fabric of our beings. We don't need to use words to interact with it, we don't need any depth of knowledge to enjoy it, we don't need any musical skill to play it, it can take many forms and it is what it is, in its unique expressive way.

Within every element of music; rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, tempo, form and dynamics, lays worlds of imagination and 'in the moment' reflection. A direct expression of who you are... and who can argue with that!

AMPED is coming to the South West in spring. Get ready because this amp goes to 11. It's going to be loud and make some big waves.

Wishing you the happiest start to the decade, let's begin as we mean to go on.. with creativity, colour and eyes open to a new approach to living our best lives <3


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