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A time for good advice

Don't you just love when a stranger tells you something you already knew, but just hearing it come from someone you have only just met re-affirms that it's the truth. A little reminder out of the blue that you're on the right path in life.

At this point in time, us second year music therapy students are in a sticky position. Feeling ready for the imminent embarkment into a career in music therapy, still learning incredible amounts on our independent placements, exploring our future specialisations and approaches, let alone our preferences of where we want to work.

Right now we are so full of important information and have nowhere to put it that it's almost de-habilitating. Thinking 'agh I need to consider work when I finish... I need to secure that job I have my eyes on... I need to start specialising if I want to exceed in my field...'. 'Will I find a team that I fit into? Will myself and my music be valued in a new environment? Will I have enough skills to prove to others I have what it takes?'

So many questions and the ultimate answer is 'wait, dear student, wait'.

But we have been waiting, and we have been patient, and we're worked really really hard, and spent way to long looking deep into computer screens and we're ready, almost ready to take on the world!

6 more weeks, no more, and we will be finished.

So the head says.. 'what about this...... what about that.....' and the heart says 'not long, be patient dear one', and the soul gives off fuzzy vibrations like 'ooooooooooooh timeeee' and I take a deep breath to centre myself, put it all together and think - all in good time.

And then yesterday, I mentioned to a stranger in passing that I really wanted a job in a certain place, with a lot of change between me (currently) and it, time being the factor standing in between.

She said, 'We'll if you don't get the job then it wasn't meant for you.'

Ahh yes. That old chestnut. Advice I have been given over and over in transitional times in my life.

Focus on the real stuff, my research proposal, the final exam. And soon, it will all be over in the blink of an eye, and this will be history and we will be moving forwards towards our career goals. Ones that are meant for us, in their own individual ways.

I think it's important to enjoy advice like this, especially when it's given at the right time, by a smiling face you don't know.

Now to focus.....


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