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Hello 2019, I'm Amped

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Nice to meet you.

2019 is an exciting journey. I hope you can join me in discovery, all things music therapy and insight into the latest research. I will be sharing my thoughts, favourite bits, and pointing you in different music therapy related directions, offering further information and showing you a slice of my own personal journey.

I am a music therapy student in my penultimate year of the Masters programme at Western Sydney University, and if you haven't heard of music therapy yet then, let me be the one to illustrate it's power and beauty where words cannot describe, and pictures cannot illustrate.

Music gets me amped. To my core. It is the depth to my feelings and a friend in times of need. When I play music it strengthens my humanity by expressing exactly how I feel and if I want, I can share it with the world. Music has blessed me with friends, makes me cry real tears of every emotion and has had me gripped in a moment - shared with hundreds if not thousands of fellow humans.

What is music therapy? Well to me it is everything. It is the very fibers of which I am made.

What is music to you? How does it influence the hours in your days, your moods, your motivation?

Here is the place to explore, for knowledge, for sharing, and giving reasons to smile.

Hello, I'm AMPED! I hope you can join me in my quest to bring music and happiness to the forefront of every mind. Making a difference to the world one beat at a time.


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