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Home made music shaker

Times like these call for new ideas.

We need wipeable surfaces and cleanable materials.

We need to make do with what we've got and improvise.

Passing and sharing physical objects needs to be kept to a minimum.

Passing and sharing ideas needs to be top priority.

Here is a home made shaker idea which can be made at home and used as a rhythmic musical instrument.

The best thing about this idea is that you can change the object or objects inside, which changes the sound. For example, if you put 2p coins inside you get a loud clunky sound. If you put in dried beans or peas then you get a traditional shaker sound.

But be careful.... if you lift the petals (these are the 5 edges that are folded down).. you might get the contents of the shaker on the floor!! Bluetack is a great way to fasten the final latch so it is secure.

Here is the method:


Home made music shaker

Get a 1.5 litre or 2 litre water or fizzy drink bottle

(with the curved style bottle)

1.5 litre bottles will make small shakers.

2 litre bottles will make large shakers.

Cut bottle in half - just where the bottle starts to curve inwards.

Divide the bottle into 5 petals.

Mark out with a pen.

Cut around the tops making petal shapes

Make 5 cuts into the bottle from the top to half way down the bottle:

It should look something like this..

You will need to make sure the 5 downward cuts reach the same point on the bottle so the petals are even when folded.

If you want to paint your shaker... now is a good time.

I used yellow spray paint and made sure I sprayed in an open area on old cardboard. It took 3 coats.

Once the paint has dried completely,

you can then fold the petals inwards on the shaker.

Fold one petal, then the next, until all 5 are downward like this..

If it is uneven, keep adjusting the downward cuts until they all 5 petals fold in equally. If it is unequal, you may get more gaps.

Keep folding. The more the plastic folds, the more it gets used to it's closed position.

Now is time for the final decoration.. glitter, goggly eyes..

Get creative!

You are now ready to add seeds/beans/coins/stones..

Experiment with sounds.

What kind of sound do you want to make?

What do new materials sound like in the shaker?

And remember....

If you lift the petals and shake, you might get the contents of the shaker on the floor.

Use bluetack to fasten the final petal so it is secure and make sure you only shake the shaker when the petals are closed.

If you are making for a small child, or anyone who likes to put things in their mouths, make sure you use larger objects to put in the shaker so they are not small enough to swallow. Larger objects make wonderful sounds too!

Enjoy :D


For more ideas, comments and questions, use the contact page to get in touch.

If you would like musical activities with your child or young person or you are any age and want to join in on the musical fun, please contact Elise at Amped Music Therapy on the booking online link above.


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