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Thank you Jessie's Fund <3

We have just received the news that Jessie's Fund are generously donating £800 to Amped Music Therapy to support our work with children and young people with additional and complex needs or who are suffering serious illness. This money will be directly used for purchasing musical instruments for the children to use in music therapy sessions.

This incredible act of kindness at a moment when independent businesses are taking a huge brunt of financial hardship, and many children and young people who use community services are being denied access to creative and social activities. These musical instruments will bring colour, music and smiles to so many, and I wanted to say on behalf of them and myself an HUUUGE thank you Jessie's Fund.

Let the music play!

Jessie's fund helps children with serious illness, complex needs, and communication difficulties through the therapeutic use of music. Set up in memory of Jessica May George, Jessie’s parents, musicians Lesley Schatzberger and Alan George, decided that Jessie’s Fund should become a charity dedicated to helping seriously ill and disabled children through music: it was registered as such in 1995. Based in York, Jessie’s Fund helps children all over the UK.

Expect to see updates on how these musical instruments are helping children to use music to communicate and express themselves at Amped MT in the South West of England over the coming year.

We are absolutely delighted to think about the wonderful music that will be made..


If you would like to find more about Jessie's Fund, or how to help raise funds to support community music therapy in your area, find them at the link below.


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