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What truly makes you happy?

As 2019 comes to a close, naturally it's time to think about the past year and its frivolities. But more than that, coming to the end of a decade brings about a celebration of the whole spectrum of human lived life - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Something so much clearer to me now I'm in my 30s is that the decade is not only a celebration of making it through a bracket of time, but that bracket of time is unique and will never happen quite like it did then ever again. Thats so special, and comes with a feeling of did I achieve? Did it work out like I'd hoped? Am I where I want to be?

Ultimately, this doesn't matter because how were you ever supposed to know where you were going to be without knowing what you know now? It's an oxymoron and a moronic set of self evaluations that humans seem to contemplate frequently, always comparing and seeking the new potential for the future 'you'.

Anyway, what I wanted to convey in this little post is that with time comes accomplishment and disappointment, but there is always a chance for change. You can always build upon where you are now and transition into the next phase, because decades will come and go, and some will be more successful than others. One thing is for sure, we are making history, day by day and for that we should be satisfied, even if the political or environmental situation completely out of our hands looks like it will define us.

Most of all we need to focus on what truly makes us complete. What actually makes you smile? What brings about a bigger appreciation of living? Can you define something that gives you a reason for waking up every day? And when you find it, think about it daily. Take a moment to reflect on it. What do you need to do to achieve it?

If we look inwardly then we can make change outwardly into the world. I know it sounds a bit flippy flappy, but anyone who has experienced mindful moments, taking a moment to breathe, a moment to reflect on the things or people they appreciate, and morning mantras of complete belief - 'I am beautiful, and I can achieve anything' will understand, this stuff works in the long term. We need to seek what truly makes us tick to understand how we can then bring positiveness into the world who, quite frankly, needs as much of it as it can get!

I hope your 2010's were a complete spectrum and you now know what you need to dive into the next 10.... believe in yourself because your self believes in you <3


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